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Starbucks was launching its packaged coffee in grocery stores through a partnership with Kraft Foods. Talk about opposites attracting. Here was Kraft, a traditional packaged goods giant driven by traditional promotion and advertising, teaming up with Starbucks, an iconic brand that shuns traditional promotion and advertising and instead builds its business through its café experience.

The quandary: Create consumer messages with the hard-hitting promotional impact Kraft requires and still stay true to the softer, experiential essence of Starbucks.


Together with a really super art director, Ann Krobath, we created a number of highly effective newspaper solo inserts (such as the one you see here) that delivered the “now in grocery” message in unique and memorable ways. This little grocery bag held a pull-out “package” of Starbucks coffee which was actually a 4-page booklet containing brand information and a high-value coupon.


Within two years, Starbucks had grabbed dollar share leadership in grocery in the Super Premium coffee category. And our little grocery bag was selected to appear in Creativity 31, the international publication of creative excellence.

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