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Maxwell House was 18 months from major new product introductions. The competition's innovations, however, were already on shelf. The brand team was feeling the heat. How could they increase sales volume while waiting for the cavalry to arrive?


Our team at The Guild Group did some digging and came up with the consumer insight that folks who drink Maxwell House Coffee are especially fond of fixing up their homes. So we built "Spruce Up Your House," a fully integrated promotion combining an instant-win game and a consumer loyalty program with over $1.5 million in prizes.

As Group Creative Director, I was also the architect behind the creative elements - an engaging promotional website, FSI, POS, and sales collateral - that brought this concept to life and helped it become one of the most effective programs in the brand's 100-year history.


Traffic to the Maxwell House website shot up from 30,000 hits a month to over 450,000. Promotion generated over one million game plays and captured names and addresses of more than 700,000 consumers who opted in for future marketing messages.

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