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Catera was the car that was going to save Cadillac. It was the Caddy that could run with cool luxury brands like BMW and Lexus. But timing was a problem. The car wouldn't be in showrooms until late fall, months down the road from when most people decide which new car to buy. How to keep luxury car shoppers from racing off with the first car they fall in love with and wait until they've had a chance to take us for a spin?


An ingenious idea from the creative team at Clarion: an imaginary road trip played as if for real. Four celebrities “travel” across America all summer in a Catera and report back to luxury-car prospects their thoughts about the car. The fun, intriguing nature of the program would hopefully make people want to “come along” for the ride, learn about the car and delay their new car purchase until they test drove Catera.

I wrote the direct mail campaign that included a prospect letter, product brochure, and a series of post cards from our celebrities offering consumers cool rewards (like a chance to win custom cowboy boots from Texas ) for their participation.


17% response rate from the initial road trip invitation. The goal of generating 24,000 test drives was in the rearview mirror well before the program ended.

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