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“Aetna just wrapped up a big meeting with its key agents and wants to run a trade ad congratulating them on a job well done,” said the Account Guy sitting in my office. “You know, one of those ‘feel good' ads with a close-up of two guys in suits shaking hands.” Hmmmm.


Digging deep into the creative brief, I discovered this meeting was no love-fest. These agents had some real bones to pick with Aetna, and they were more than happy to pick away. So why not be upfront about it, I thought, and acknowledge their concerns head-on? Turn a negative into a positive using Aetna's existing tagline to drive the point home. Not only did this ad stand out from every other standard trade ad in the issue, it also let agents know that Aetna was a stand-up company that wasn't afraid to admit when it needed to do better. And that it would try real hard to do just that.


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